Tour starts here.

Large nav map

. . . and the good news is, it's self-guided.

This interactive tour represents just a portion of the Old Austin Neighborhood. Click here for an OANA Boundary Map.

● Click on any block in the map on the right.

That'll take you to a page for that block.

● Check out nearby blocks.

On that page, you'll see a compass on the right looking something like this:

Use those arrows to move to adjacent blocks.  Or, to jump to another part of the neighborhood, click on the map you'll see on the left -- a miniature version of the map you see now on your right. At the top of each page, a diagram of the block will tell you the names of the surrounding streets.

● See how these blocks have evolved over time.

Above the compass on those pages, you'll see a list looking something like this:

Click on any year to get an idea of what was happening on the block at that time.  Then use the compass arrows to see what was going on nearby.

A couple tips:

Hope you enjoy the tour!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about it, or any information we could add to it, visit the "Contact us" page and let us know.  For some general information, visit our General Questions page.