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Detail from Sanborn Insurance Map of Austin, Texas, 1935,
Sheet 30. For the key to the map, click here.
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In 1902, a committee suggested naming schools after distinguished citizens, and the West Austin Ward School officially became Pease School.  As Governor of Texas in the mid-1850s, Elisha M. Pease was a strong advocate for public schools in this state.  He also had a strong influence on this city, especially in the area just west of here.

In 1904 the Mothers Club, composed of parents of Pease students, forced the School Board to connect the school's outhouses to the City Sewer.

After the Compulsory Attendance Law took effect in 1916, six rooms were added to the front of the building, and the toilets were brought inside.

Two years later, in 1918, the second kindergarten in the city opened here.

In 1926, with the city's growth continuing, the School Board hired Hugo Kuehne to add six rooms and an auditorium.  The three new rooms on the ground floor included a cafeteria, which was a great relief to the Mothers Club, since they had been providing lunches in a separate lunch room.

Source: Ruth Lynn Williams, Proudly She Serves (1976), pp.14-16.