Block 77:


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Detail from Augustus Koch,
Birds-Eye View of the City of Austin, 1873.
Center for American History, Univ. of Texas at Austin.
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Most of the block is occupied by the Robinson family.  John Robinson Sr., who came to Austin from Little Rock in the early 1840s, lived near the southeast corner, and also built the two limestone houses near the northwest corner, at 715-17 West Avenue.  His son John lived on the northeast corner, in the house now known as the Robinson-Wagner House.

In the 1860s John Sr.'s friend, merchant John Bremond, had begun buying property on a block three blocks east, now known as the Bremond Block. There must have been a lot of movement between the two blocks; three of John Robinson Sr.'s children married three of John Bremond's children.

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Reference: Sue Brandt McBee, Austin: The Past Still Present, Heritage Society of Austin, 1975, pg. 110.