Block 179:


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Detail from Sanborn Insurance Map of Austin, Texas, 1935,
Sheet 29. For the key to the map, click here.
To access the map through the Austin Public Library, click here.

On the upper left corner is a 2-story house built in the early 1910s as the home of William Bohn, a partner in the Bohn Brothers Dry Goods Store on Congress, and his wife Bertha.  By 1935 it was the home of W.A. Matthews.

Directly east is the Byrne-Reed House, built in 1906 or 07 as the home of Edmund and Ellen Sneed Byrne.  Since 1915 it had been home to David Cleveland Reed and his wife, Laura Moses.  David was a successful businessman who was civically active as well; he served on both the Austin City Council and the School Board.  [His brother Malcolm, incidentally, was married to the late Roberta Crenshaw; their house in West Austin was demolished in 2007.]

The house on the southeast corner was still the home of Dr. H. L. Hilgartner, a physician whose office was in the Scarborough Building on Congress.

The Palm family was still in the house on the lower left corner.  Immediately east, at 710 W.14th, was an apartment house that had been built as a single-family home just after the turn of the century.  The little house at 700 West 14th was the home of B.M. Hellums.

Sources: Austin City Directories, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library; "History of the Byrne-Reed House," on the website of Humanities Texas.  For additional background on the Byrne-Reed House, click here to see the 4-minute video linked on the Humanities Texas site.