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Detail from Sanborn Insurance Map of Austin, Texas,
1900, Sheet 29. For the key to the map, click here.
To access the map through the Austin Public Library, click here.

As of 1905 the houses along West 14th were home to families of, from left to right, W.B. Harper (with 6 members); Mrs. M.A. Chapman (2 members); Walter Kennedy (6); and Ed Burleson (7).

On West 13th were the families of, from left to right, Mrs. J.R. Brown (with 4 members); W.A. Rankin (4); H.L. Bullock (7); and Frederick Brown (11).

At 1306 Nueces was the family of George Gilbert, with 4 members.

The Wood Yard on West 14th must have been handy during all the construction around this time.