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Detail from Augustus Koch,
Austin, State Capital of Texas, 1887.
Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.
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One of Austin's first attempts at a hospital took place in the building at the upper right (which can also be seen on the 1873 map).  In 1878, local physicians J.W. McLaughlin, T.D. Manning, R.M. Swearingen, and J.J. Tobin opened the Austin City Infirmary there, charging 1 to 3 dollars a day for medical care. The City soon provided funding, and the hospital moved to the 4th Ward, but it folded in 1882.

Source: Dr. James M. Coleman, Aesculapius on the Colorado: The Story of Medical Practice in Travis County to 1899, Encino Press (now Waterloo Press), 1971, pg.62.