Block 151:


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Detail from Sanborn Insurance Map of Austin, Texas, 1935,
Sheet 30. For the key to the map, click here.
To access the map through the Austin Public Library, click here.

The Rowe family, which in 1905 lived in the 2-story house on the block's northeast corner, was still there thirty years later; the 1935 directory shows Mrs. L.A. Rowe there.

Two doors down, the Phelps family, which in 1905 lived at 1204 San Antonio, was also still there in 1935.

Between the two, at 1206 San Antonio, was the Allen-Williams House, built in 1907 for attorney George W. Allen.  By 1935 it was the home of the Williams family.

Other new arrivals on the block included a painter and a voice teacher on the 12th Street side, and Rev. B. Tanenbaum at 1205 Nueces.

Source:  1935 City Directory, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.