Block 104:


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Detail from Sanborn Insurance Map of Austin, Texas, 1935,
Sheet 30. For the key to the map, click here.
To access the map through the Austin Public Library, click here.

The old mansion is gone, but houses now line the western edge of the block.  On the Rio Grande side, two houses have appeared south of the alley, including the Nichols House at 800 Rio Grande.

The layout of the block has changed in a couple of ways.  The western edge has been pushed 15 feet out, narrowing West Avenue from 80 feet to 65 feet.  And the west half of the alley has been eliminated; in its place, a 10-feet alley now runs from 8th Street up to the east half of the original alley.

These changes may have been due partly to topography:  A bluff runs through the block, which roughly matches the diagonal boundary from 9th Street down to the alley.