About the tour . . .

Why are the boundaries so narrow?

Our tour covers 24 blocks in the northwest corner of the original City of Austin: the blocks between West Avenue and San Antonio, from West 7th up to West 15th.  For now, the tour doesn't cover some areas that are obviously part of the neighborhood.  We hope to add more content over time; the west side of West Avenue will likely be next up, followed by the west side of San Antonio.  If there's a particular area or building that you'd like to see included, send us an email.

Why do some buildings get more attention than others?

At this point, the tour includes about 30 pages devoted to specific buildings.  Most of these have been discussed in various references, or have historic markers, or had a particular family living in them for some time.  We haven't come close to providing a page on every significant building in the neighborhood, but we hope to get there eventually.   If there's a building you'd like to see discussed in more detail -- or better yet, if you've got any information to provide about a building -- please get in touch with us.

How reliable is the information?

We've provided some references to sources, but there are still bound to be errors in the tour.  Much of the information is drawn from old city directories, which weren't always accurate.  We're hoping to hear from people about any mistakes, and we'll get them corrected.  If you see something that needs correcting or clarifying, or if you have anything to add, please let us know.