Original Austin Neighborhood Residents, Property Owners Urged to Vote on Nov. 6

OANA Board Recommends Passage
of Bond Package!


The ballot Austinites will face on Tuesday, Nov. 6 is the longest anyone can remember!  In addition to deciding who will win federal, state and local offices, Austinites will be asked to vote on 11 amendments to the city charter, seven general obligation bond propositions as well as an increase in the Health District tax.

All these items will be listed on the ballot after the elective offices. Voting a ‘straight ticket’ and then leaving will result in not voting on the charter amendments, bonds and health district tax.  So, your Original Austin Neighborhood (OANA) Board of Directors encourages you to be sure you’ve voted on each and every item before leaving the ballot booth!

Executive Summary:  The OANA Board recommends that you vote "yes" on each of the seven bond propositions and that you approve some, but not all, of the Charter Amendments. The Board does not make a recommendation on the Central Health tax increase.

In the order they appear on the ballot, here is the OANA Board’s recommendation, if any, on each item:

Central Health Tax Ratification Election (no recommendation)   

City of Austin Charter Amendments

Prop 1.  Moving the City’s general election date from May to November. (recommendation: No)
Prop 2:  Moving the City’s general election date from May to November; changing council terms from 3 to 4 year staggered terms occurring in even-numbered years; and limiting the Mayor and council to two terms. (recommendation: Yes)
Prop 3:  Changes all at large district system to 10 geographic districts & Mayor elected at large. (recommendation: No)
Prop 4:  Changes all at large district system to 8 geographic & 2 at-large districts with Mayor also elected at large. (recommendation: No)
Prop 5:  Allows council to hire & manage their own staffs.  (no recommendation)
Prop 6: Allows council to appoint the city attorney. (no recommendation)
Prop 7: Reduces signature requirement for citizen initiated ordinances or referendums to 5 percent of registered voters. (recommendation: Yes) 
Prop 8: Allows council members to raise funds for 30 days after the election date of their election.  (recommendation: Yes) 
Prop 9: Permits council to lease parkland to an independent school district if two-thirds vote in favor and the purpose is a park purpose. (recommendation: No)   
Prop 10: Provides for a civil service system for those employees not already covered by such as system. (recommendation: No)
Prop 11: Provides for a civil service system for emergency medical service personnel. (recommendation: No)       


City of Austin General Obligation Bond Propositions (recommendation: For each item)

Prop 12: $143,299,000 for transportation & mobility improvements. (recommendation: For)
Prop 13: $30,000,000 for open space & watershed protection. (recommendation: For)

Prop 14: $77,680,000 for park & recreation improvements (recommendation: For)
Prop 15:  $78,000,000 for affordable housing. (recommendation: For)
Prop 16: $31,079,000 for public safety facility improvements(recommendation: For)
Prop 17 $11,148,000 for health & human services facility improvements (recommendation: For)
Prop 18 $13,442,000 for library, museum & cultural arts facility improvements (recommendation: For)


For more information about the charter amendments and the bond package, please visit the OANA website!  The draft minutes of the Oct. 2 meeting of the OANA board documents the discussion that led to these recommendations.


Ultimately, how you vote is up to you! Please take time to vote in the election. Early voting begins Oct. 22!

Oct. 20 -- Shoal Creek Clean Up

Back in March, Original Ausin Neighborhood residents and Cirrus Logic employees teamed up to help tidy up the portion of Shoal Creek Trail between 6th-10th Streets.

Another clean up of the trail is planned for Oct. 20, and volunteers are still welcome. Chores include cleaning, sweeping, light painting, litter removal, planting and related activities. It's a great activity for everyone, including anyone who needs community service hours. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Bill Schnell at

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